Simply, give your local store a call or email:  to discuss your requirements and they will be more than happy to help you out.


How does it work?

Every time you come to any Rock the Wok’s store and make a purchase, simply swipe your card during every transaction. For every $15 that you spend, you get 1 Chilli which is worth $1.  You can start earning points with every purchase, but to start spending your Chilli points you will need to register your card.

Please remember that Chilli points only apply for full price products and not where SPICE club is excluded.

How do I activate my card?

Grab a card for $1 and activate via the website by entering in SPICE Club page your details and you are ready to roll!

How do I get my free Birthday meal?

To redeem your free birthday meal, present your Spice Club Card and a photo ID which includes your date of birth at any Rock the Wok’s store. Just in case you are having a hectic schedule, you can redeem your free meal within 5 days from your birthday onward.

I have made a purchase, but I can’t see any points accrued?

Bear in mind that you will only see the number of Chillies you can actually spend. For example, if you’ve purchased $5 worth of our products in store, you will have 0.33 of a Chilli point, but your balance will say zero. Until you’ve accrued 1 full Chilli point, you won’t see any other number but zero on your account.

Is there a limit on Chilli points and do they expire?

You can collect as many Chillies as you want to and Chilli points have 12 months expiry date from the time they are accrued.

How do I update my details?

All the details you gave us when you registered can be changed. Just log into your account, head to the profile section, updated your details and click save.

I am trying to register, but it’s not working.

First, if you have registered a card before, you can’t register another card to the same email address. Log into your SPICE account and follow the prompts in the LOST CARD section.

Also, make sure you have checked the instructions on the log in page about correct prefixes and verification codes.

If you still have any problems email us at with a detail of the problem along with your SPICE numbers & verification codes and we will fix it for you.